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Oral and Dental Health

It is a branch of medicine that deals with the health of teeth and gums. Among the procedures in these procedures are filling, implant, veneer, prosthesis, endodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, periodontology, prosthetic dental treatment, restorative dental treatment, oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is possible to divide it into “Plastic and Reconstructive” Surgery and “Aesthetic” Surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive ”Surgery works to eliminate congenital or acquired shape and function disorders. Aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery, on the other hand, deals with operations and interventions to ensure that the body image is more beautiful and perfect.

Eye Health and Diseases

The main areas of interest of the Eye Health and Diseases branch are: Eye aesthetics, vision disorders, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, corneal diseases, eye tumors. In the field of eye aesthetics, the treatment of low eyelid is done by surgical methods.

KBB ( Ear, Nose, and Throat)

It is the branch of medicine related to diseases in the ear, nose and throat regions. Ear diseases are basically divided into the following headings: Hearing loss, acute and chronic ear infections, dizziness, tinnitus, facial paralysis and other important nerve diseases in this region, nerve-based pain, all kinds of benign and malignant tumors in the ear area, ear and outer ear congenital deformities of the canal.

Obesity (Sleew ) Surgery

Obesity, or obesity as it is known by the public, is a disease that occurs as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the body and must be treated. Obesity occurs when the amount of energy taken with food exceeds the amount of energy consumed by metabolism and physical activity. Obesity is a disease that affects systems such as the heart and vascular system, respiratory system, hormonal system, and digestive system in the human body and prepares the ground for many important disorders.


Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that examines muscular and skeletal system diseases. His main areas of interest are: Knee surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hip surgery, shoulder surgery, hand and wrist surgery, prosthetic applications, oncological orthopedics.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the area coded not to spill between the two ears on the neck, to the area where the shedding occurs, using appropriate techniques. Falling hair has become a problem for almost everyone nowadays. In addition to genetic factors, stress and burning nutrition are among the biggest causes of hair loss.


Urology is the science of surgical medicine that deals with the urinary tract of men and women and the male reproductive organs and dealing with the diseases of these systems. In summary, all kinds of diseases related to the following limbs are in the area of ​​interest of urology. Kidneys, urinary ducts, bladder, prostate gland, semen ducts, urethra and testicles.

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