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Professional service in more than 20 branches

R.T. Global Surgery follows You at every stage of your treatment, in coordination with solution partners, by being with you at every stage of your treatment, first of all, ensuring that you feel safe.

R.T. Global Surgery is that it can offer you price options according to people’s preferences (doctor,hospital,accommodation, vb.)

R.T. Global Surgery

* Investigates on your behalf,

* organizes,

* adjusts the quality of possibilities according to your demands and at an affordable price,

* Tracks all your health processes until you leave the country.

R.T. Global Surgery Services

R.T. Global surgery By returning to your oral and written application to for 24 hours, we will determine your need with you and ensure that you receive appropriate treatment on good terms.

When you decide for medical treatment, we will offer you the following facilities.

* Comfortable and cost-effective accommodation in a contract hotel suitable for your budget

* Transfers from airport to hospital, from hospital to hotel

* Patient – specific treatment plans

* Possibility to receive services in hospitals according to your preferences in the field of medical care and services

* Academic doctor options, each in their respective fields

* Quality health care and affordable prices

R.T.Global Surgery, you can also contact us for all medical questions. No fees are charged for the consulting services you receive from our site..

We are aware of the difficulties of getting health care in a foreign country, in a different culture. For this reason, de R.T.Global Surgery, you will feel that you are “ safe” at every stage of the treatment of all our patients and you will achieve appropriate and high-quality health care according to your budget while experiencing stress-free medical travel.

Health care is a professional job; safe surgery starts with the right address. R.T. Global Surgery will be with you during your entire treatment process.

Why Turkey in health?

The world tourism movement, which has a significant share in Turkey, owned by infrastructure facilities, quality health services, human resources, competitive price advantages, government support, geographical location and unique natural and historical resources, coupled with favorable climatic conditions, quality tourism and world-renowned physicians in the field of medical tourism Turkish owns more shares with each passing day.

One of Turkey’s competitive advantages is accreditation. Major, large and ambitious

many hospitals are objectively evaluated by highly internationally recognized and reliable accreditation systems. All services provided in these hospitals are international

it means it’s given in standards. JCI (Joint Commission International), the most accepted accreditation system in the world, has first granted accreditation to 48 hospitals and medical institutions since 2002. In fact, Turkey is the country with the most JCI-accredited institutions operating in 35 countries.

The main reasons why Turkey is preferred in health tourism:

● Modern medical technology,

● Doctors are numerically and qualitatively above a certain level,

● Appropriate treatment costs,

● Quality service,

● Qualified personnel,

● Lack of waiting time,

● Ease of transportation and cultural proximity to wide geography,

● Easy visa availability,

● Tourist attraction, quality of hospitality services, hospitality,

It can be reached in a very short time by plane from many countries. Also,since you set foot in Turkey for treatment, R.T. With the assurance of Global Surgery, you will receive quality healthcare

* London-Istanbul 3 hours

* Berlin-Istanbul 2 hours

* Amsterdam-Istanbul 2 hours and 45 minutes

* Tirana-Istanbul 1 hour

* Sofia-Istanbul 40 minutes

* Moscow-Istanbul 2 hours

* Baku-Istanbul 2 hours

* Casablanca-Istanbul 4 hours

* Mecca-Istanbul 3 hours

* Tunisia-Istanbul 2 hours

* Amman-Istanbul 2 hours

* Dubai-Istanbul 3 hours 45 minutes

* Suleymaniye-Istanbul 2 hours 30 minutes

* Erbil-Istanbul 2 hours and 30 minutes

* Tripoli-Istanbul 3 hours

Health care is a professional job; safe surgery starts with the right address. R.T. Global Surgery will be with you during your entire treatment process.

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